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What is the linear momentum of a truck of mass 5000 kg


What is the linear momentum of a truck of mass 5000 kg that is speeding at 30 meters per second?

{Answer: Linear momentum of the truck will be 150,000 kgm/s}

The Linear Momentum of a Truck of Mass 5000 kg

Here is how i arrived at my answer:


The Mass of the truck, m = 5000 kilograms = 5000 kg

The speed of the truck is 30 ms-1 [We can equally abbreviate meter per second as m/s]


Linear momentum, P =?


We will apply the formula below to solve the problem

Linear momentum (P) = Mass (m) x Velocity (v)

This implies

P = mv


We can now insert our data into the above formula

P = 5000 kg x 30 m/s = 150,000 kgms-1

Therefore, the linear momentum of a truck of mass 5000 kg and speed 30 m/s will be 150,000 kilograms meter per second


Here is some important points you will need to understand

What is Linear Momentum?

Linear momentum is defined as the product of mass and the velocity of a body. The formula for calculating linear momentum is

Linear momentum (P) = Mass (m) x Velocity (v)

Which can be written as P = mv

Linear momentum is a vector quantity. This is because it has magnitude and direction.

After reading a question on linear momentum, you will need to extract your data from the problem. You will need to identify the mass and the velocity from the question.

After identifying your data, you can go ahead to multiply the mass by the velocity to obtain the linear momentum.

Remember that the S.I unit of linear momentum is kilogram meter per second (kgm/s).

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